About Us

Global Containers & Custom Packaging Inc. is a company primarily engaged and focused on providing an unlimited variety of packaging solutions. Our company is an established corporation specialized in high level packaging services like design, packaging implementation, inventory handling, on-site service, and cost reduction projects.

We provide solutions for your business focused on professional service, on time delivery and best quality products at a low cost, to make our customers operations more friendly and lucrative.

Our office location on the U.S.-Mexico border offers fast, personal and reliable service to all of our customers.


Provide great quality products at affordable prices on our infinite packaging solutions, pleasing our customers with our professional high level service and products, making sure they are always a guarantee of success to our customers and to our company; selecting the best quality products and services to meet and succeed our customers expectations.


Our vision is to be the most efficient and strongest regional packaging supplier for all the manufacturing and retail industries, leading our way by our own professional services, products and our own customers recommendations.